Visco Pro Mattress

Visco Pro Mattress

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Mattress Size

72X36, 72X48, 72X60, 72X66, 72X72, 75X36, 75X48, 75X60, 75X66, 75X72, 78X36, 78X48, 78X60, 78X66, 78X72, 80X60, 80X72, 84X60, 84X72

Mattress Thickness (in inches)

10, 6, 8

The Imperial Visco Pro mattress is made up of three layers of foam, HR Foam, Latex Foam, Memory Foam and HR Foam and is covered with a smooth velour fabric quilt. Visco Pro mattresses proactively address sleep problems and has been infused with intelligent features that effectively and efficiently makes you fall in love with the mattress.This is a dream mattress for people who like great soft mattress.