Spring Koil Pocketed

Spring Koil Pocketed

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Mattress Size

72X30, 72X36, 72X42, 72X48, 72X60, 72X66, 72X72, 75X30, 75X36, 75X42, 75X48, 75X60, 75X66, 75X72, 78X30, 78X36, 78X42, 78X48, 78X60, 78X66, 78X72, 80X30, 80X36, 80X42, 80X48, 80X60, 80X66, 80X72, 84X30, 84X36, 84X42, 84X48, 84X60, 84X66, 84X72

Mattress Thickness (in inches)

6, 8

Upgrade to fresh, new mornings with a world class spring mattress that is as easy on your wallet as it is on your back. The rigid, yet flexible core offers the right support for your back without losing shape even on prolonged usage. Comes with the added comfort of a pillow top and super soft, ruffled fabric.